Georgette performs  songs and stories from her SOUTH AMERICAN ADVENTURE program.

AssemblyDressed as an Otavalo Indian from Ecuador she takes her audience through the countries of South America and Mexico with her clap-along songs and funny tales.

GeorgettePlaying the Venezuelan instrument called the "cuatro" and with her guitar, chackchas, guiros, zampoñas and rain sticks, Georgette weaves tales and introduces scientific facts, geography and biology in to this 45 minute interactive, bilingual assembly.

Children are invited on stage with her and she provides three hands on tables of unusual authentic artifacts that include piranhas, bug necklaces, giant fish scales, alligators, llama pelts to name a few.

BugsInstruction sheets on how to make 6 Latin American Instruments out of recycled materials is provided. Students may bring them to play during the assembly. These include: guiros, chackchas, zamponas, rainsticks and Indian drums.

California Based, will travel if expenses and performance costs are met.  One Assembly $500 ,$650 for 2 assemblies, $850 for three, plus expenses if further than 150 miles one way (airfare, hotel, rental car if needed, 1 meal).