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Bursting with colorful photographs and chock-full of interesting information, kids will love this new book about the Barrier Reef. It will make them feel like they've been to this amazing spot themselves. Highly recommended.


—Nancy I. Sanders freelance author for Reader’s Digest, Scholastic


We’re Off to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia by Georgette Baker and Michael Mastorakis is off on another adventure, this time it’s  Australia.  This book is very visual and Michael’s journey captures sea life as well as creatures of the land.  I have never snorkeled nor gone scuba diving, so I was impressed with Michael’s scuba diving photos, especially the photo of the Giant Maori Wrasse that looked to be 5 ft. long!


We’re Off to the Great Barrier Reef begins with introducing the reader to the location of Australia, and specifically, the Great Barrier Reef.  Michael swims his way through the reef and lands amidst the animals aground.  With each photograph, he provides the reader with intriguing information about the animals.


Did I tell you that this book is written in both English and Spanish?  Ms. Baker was very clever in her design of this book allowing students to learn a different language as well as a great lesson in Geography. This is a perfect way to travel without leaving your home!  I would recommend this book to readers, young and old who are interested in learning more about Australia and it’s Great Barrier Reef.


—Ramona Moreno Winner is an award winning author and publisher of bilingual books for children with multicultural themes.  She entered the publishing industry in 1996 girded with lots of tenacity as well as skills in writing, public relations and marketing.  She has built a successful, small publishing company whose goal is to empower children and expand their knowledge of other cultures A member of the local Toast Masters Club, Ramona is a dynamic speaker and has traveled to different states presenting to children, teachers, librarians and parent groups.


"Adventure abounds, as the young reader vicariously travels to Peru, with author Georgette Baker and friends.  The odyssey unfolds in both English and Spanish which serves to strengthen reading comprehension in both languages.  The beautiful pictures will draw the young reader into the journey, as well.  The book can be used by students in both a traditional classroom and home schooling settings,  and to augment multicultural educational programs."


—Heidi Speitz, Montessori online liason,  was instrumental in writing and teaching ESL, several nutrition and medical terminology courses at the post secondary level. She has also authored several non fiction and fiction books.


Music Shelf


Cantemos con Georgette


Cantemos con Georgette is a highly enjoyable bilingual music CD for parents and children, featuring sing-along songs in both English and Spanish about educational basics like ABCs, colors, and counting, as well as traditional songs and holiday music. Cantemos con Georgette comes with a bilingual lyrics booklet for easy reference. The lively, energetic music and enjoyable songs make Cantemos con Georgette a wonderful educational gift and experience, and a first rate supplement for young people learning English or Spanish.

—The Midwest Book Review 2002