Paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll   
uncooked popcorn
24 gauge
tissue paper
white glue        
plastic grocery bags 
2 rubber bands
paint brush and plastic container to mix glue with water

Rain Stick

Cut wire to be twice the length of the hand towel roll. Wrap wire around paper roll, remove and insert into roll.
Seal off one end of the paper towel roll with a 3x3” square of plastic bag scrap.

Fill roll with about 1/8 cup or less of uncooked popcorn. Seal off other end of roll with a square of grocery bag scrap and a rubber band.

Mix white glue with a little water, tear or cut colored tissue paper and apply to roll with glue. Let dry. Decorate with feathers, yarn or whatever. Cut two 4x4 inch pieces of color tissue paper and cover each end of the completed rain stick.

STRAW ZAMPOÑA (panflute)

Straw Zampona

Scotch tape 
Popsicle stick or tongue depressor
Colored yarn

Lay a piece of scotch tape down sticky-side up. Lay the straws on the tape. Overlap tape to secure straws in place.
Cut straws at an angle as seen above. Bend the bottom of each straw and tape it. This is done so that no air escapes through the bottom of the straw. 

Place the tongue depressor of popsicle stick over the tape, hold in place with thumb.  With a slipknot tie a piece of yarn to the end of the popsicle stick and begin weaving the yarn in between the straws. Once you reach the end, weave again back to point of origin.

A second stick may be needed to hold straws secure. Be creative, this is a difficult task. For a tuned instrument follow these length guidelines. 41/2,4 1/4, 3 3/4,3 3/8, 2 3/4, 2 3/8, 2 1/8.


4 rubber bands 
A ballpoint pen
1 toilet paper roll
1 chopstick or dowel
colored paper or paper that can be colored
Paper bag

Indian Drum

Decorate toilet paper roll. Punch a hole in the center of the roll, top and bottom with the tip of the ballpoint pen. CAUTION do not make the hole bigger than the chopstick or your rice will fall out.

Pass chopstick through both holes. Wrap a rubber band around the top tip of the chopstick. Wrap a rubber band tightly around the bottom tip of the chopstick and push it all the way flush with the toilet paper roll. These rubber bands secure the toilet paper roll in place.

Cut or tear a 4” square of brown paper bag and attach to open end of roll with a rubber band. Fill roll with a tablespoon of rice. Close off open end with paper bag piece, secure with rubber band.

Decorate with feathers or whatever you have. SHAKE AND HAVE FUN!
MICHAEL’S CHICKEN NUGGETS The chicken nugget is a musical instrument usually made of metal or hard plastic and is small enough to be held in the palm of the hand

1 plastic Easter egg
decorative stickers or tape

Chicken Nuggets1

Put some rice into egg, seal with stickers and shake!


Soda can
Recycled wrapping paper
masking tape

Chicken Nuggets2
Put some rice in can, seal with tape, decorate with paper, yarn, feathers, HAVE A BALL!!
GUIRO  Guiro’s are often made of gourds.
Empty plastic water bottle
chopstick, pencil, or ice-cream stick
12 inches of yarn or ribbon
feathers, beads or any decorative material
wrapping paper or any available decorative paper

Tie ribbon or yarn to bottleneck and tie feathers to them. Tie chopstick to twelve-inch yarn or ribbon and tie to bottleneck. Glue decorates paper to smooth area near bottleneck after measuring and determining correct size. Place thumb inside bottle mouth and hold with one hand, use other hand to grasp stick and scrape across grooves of bottle.

CHACKCHAS Chackchas come from Peru and Bolivia; they are made out of goat hooves. The ultimate recycled instrument!

Yarn or ribbon
Macaroni or rigatoni


Cut 10 pieces of yarn or string 10” long each. String one macaroni onto yarn and tie in place, string second macaroni and tie in place. Do this until 4 or 5 macaroni are tied in place on a piece of yarn 10 inches long. Macaroni can be painted prior to stringing. Tie ends of all 10 strings together, shake up and down.